How does our Referral program work?

This program is our way to show gratitude and allow you to get rewards when you buy on, or sponsor, our products. With the commission earned, you can use it to: Pay for your orders OR withdraw in cash. 

Get 10% and give another 20% to a friend. No limits!

Introduce your friends and get rewarded! Successful referrals will enjoy rewards:

Referrer - 10% discount whenever referred contact make purchases!

Referred contact - 20% off their first order with the use of referral code.


How many friends can I refer?

As much as you want: each one of them making a purchase will give you 10%.

How can I use the rewards?

You can convert the reward in a voucher in my rewards area to be used to checkout your shopping cart or withdraw as cash.

How can I refer my friends?

Go to my referral program. There you will find several ways: Sharing sponsored URL via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Displaying sponsor banner on your blog, forum, website, etc. Sharing your sponsor code so your friends can enter this code when registering a new account on our store.

How can I give the 20% to my friend?

When a friend creates an account & order any amount, following any of the previously commented ways, he/she will automatically get the 20% discount during the checkout.

Further enquiries, please call / WhatsApp +65 96695904

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