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Part Time Helper

Part Time Maid
Scope of Duties
A part-time helper who can come and do the household work weekly or as and when required would takes care of a host of jobs from cleaning a house, to looking after children, and even cooking food. No Agency Fee. Compare and Hire a curated part time helper in Singapore. Save you 99% of time.

General tidying/decluttering + Wiping of all surfaces

Bed making

Changing of bed sheets (if needed, place clean set on the bed)

Vacuum/Sweep + Mop

Toilet Sanitation (Wipe + Vacuum + Mop)

Trash Hauling

Laundry (can be included provided sufficient hours/session)

Balcony Cleaning (once a week)

Wiping reachable mirrors + windows

Dishwashing (if needed)

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